Technical specifications


  • Galvanized steel in tubular form of 80 x 80 x 4 mm
  • Tailored to fit your Needs
  • Test reports and technical drawings available during order process
  • Origin of the Steel: Europe



  • Galvanized springs 18 or 22 cm long
  • The steel of the springs contains zinc for smooth springs
  • Conical springs
  • Test reports available during order process
  • Origin of the springs: Europe


Safety pads

  • Color, design, thickness and quality adjustable to fit your needs. Professional advice from Etan.
  • Test reports raw materials available during order process
  • Origin safety pads: Europe

Jumping mat

  • Detail veren vierkantMade of Permatron, incredibly strong and flexible material.
  • 7 rows of stitches all around the jumping mat to reinforce its strength.
  • The material of the triangles can be iron, synthetic material, or a combination of iron and synthetic material. We recommend triangles of synthetic material, these are very strong and will not rust.


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