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The sky is the limit! 

  • Customisation is no problem, everything’s ajustable according to your wishes.
  • Modular system: always possible to increase or decrease the surface.
  • Sustainable, European materials.
  • Excellent guarantees up to 10 years!
  • Certified construction.
  • Production in Europe makes us flexible; we are not dependent on exchange rates and can deliver quickly.
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Examples of the possibilities. Want to know more about all the possibilities? Read more here!

Why choose Etan?

Whether it’s for two or two hundred trampolines, inside or outside, in one theme or in all colors of the rainbow, with foampit or basketball court. You say ‘jump’, we ask “how high?” The sky is the limit with the modular system that Etan has developed. Because we use durable European materials, we can  offer great warranties on the frame, the springs, the safety pads and the jumping mat. All of our products are of highest quality and we have the certificates to prove it. Since our factory is located in Europe, we can offer flexible solutions and achieve the best price / quality. Want to learn more about our factory and what benefits we offer? Then read on here.

We make your idea a success!

Do you know exactly what your trampoline park should look like? We look forward to hearing your good ideas! The more information we get from you the more accurate we can make a proposal. Is your idea still in the brainstorming stage? No problem, we will happily brainstorm together. With our experience and your enthusiasm, we can achieve new highs together! Please contact us for a free quote.

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Etan Experience

Besides building trampoline parks, we like to build on our brand awareness. And you can benefit from that. If your trampoline park is built in Etan style, you will not only profit of Etan’s good reputation in the trampoline world, you will also immediately receive a 10% discount on the total price. Additionally, Etan will, after careful consultation, design your trampoline park. Your park will be part of the Etan Experience. For more information about how to join the Etan Experience, please contact us.

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